• Mr Mohammed Musthafa S A

    “ Happy to be a part of L & L family ”

    Mr Mohammed Musthafa S A
    Software Developer - Infosys
  • MrD Vaithiyanathan & Mrs.V Sangeetha

    “ Treated well and extending support on modifications and amendments "

    MrD Vaithiyanathan & Mrs.V Sangeetha
    City Union Bank, TCS
  • Mr S Sudeesh

    “ We have realized with good appreciation compared with the present market rates” Thanks to L & L

    Mr S Sudeesh
    Software Developer - TCS
  • Mr S Senthil Kumar

    “ Competitive rate and agreed quality delivered in time”

    Mr S Senthil Kumar
    Software Engr - TCS
  • Mr J Arun

    “The company operates in a very professional touch and systematic”

    Mr J Arun
    Mech Engineer
  • Mr S Vediappan

    “ The documents process and co-ordination from the company is very good”

    Mr S Vediappan
  • Mr S Prabhu and Mrs Sunitha Shobha

    “ We have been experienced with timely delivery of the flat along with neat finish”

    Mr S Prabhu and Mrs Sunitha Shobha
    Professor & Software Developer
  • Mr S Ramesh Kumar & Mrs Jesha

    “ The entire commitment given by the company have been fulfilled without compromise”

    Mr S Ramesh Kumar & Mrs Jesha
  • Mrs Prema

    “ Good and Neat finish provided in all respect”

    Mrs Prema
    Bank of Baroda
  • Mr B B Logavarthan

    “ Satisfied over the deal and proud to own a flat with L & L “

    Mr B B Logavarthan
    Viestian India
  • Mr Arun – GM,Fugitech

    “ We have made our quick decision on seeing the flat quality”

    Mr Arun
    GM, Fugitech
  • Mr E Sankaran & Ms S Sarojini

    “ Very good co-ordination and service support”

    Mr E Sankaran & Ms S Sarojini
  • Mr P K Mohammed Siyad and Mrs. Fiaz Jehan

    “ Beyond Selling, the company also provides services regarding rental leasing, hence it is peaceful deal with the right company”

    Mr P K Mohammed Siyad and Mrs. Fiaz Jehan
  • Mr S Elumalai

    “ Provided very good deal”

    Mr S Elumalai
    Auto Consultant
  • Mr S Santhakumar

    “ They delivered, what they have committed”

    Mr S Santhakumar
    Joint Venture Owner
  • V V Sakthi Sudan

    “ Felt the real professional touch with their deals”

    V V Sakthi Sudan
  • Mr R Vinothbalram

    “ Systematic and Process oriented company”

    Mr R Vinothbalram
  • Mr S Anantha Krishnan

    “ Purchased with peace of mind”

    Mr S Anantha Krishnan
  • Mr D Ganaprakash

    “ Timely delivery and support services are good”

    Mr D Ganaprakash
  • Mr M Shanmugavel

    “ Good Services extended always by L & L”

    Mr M Shanmugavel
  • Mr R M Viswasam

    “ Wise investment and happy to be associated with L & L”

    Mr R M Viswasam
    Business man
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